A Delightful Day at Hee Market: Poster Art Sale at Heritage Hall, Vancouver

Hello, art-loving families of Vancouver! There's always something new and exciting happening at our online shop for kids' bedroom wall decor, and we're thrilled to share our recent in-person adventure at the lively "Hee Market"! Our cute posters and prints, ordinarily found at our online home, made a real-world appearance that received a heartwarming response.

Heritage Hall, an icon of Vancouver, was transformed into a bustling marketplace filled with local vendors, artists, and, of course, excited shoppers. Nestled in amongst delightful kids' furniture artisans and sellers of all things beautiful for children's room decor, was our display, a little corner of paradise filled with creativity and love.

You could spot our stall from a mile away, adorned with our bestselling wall art prints and posters art, capturing the essence of childhood innocence and joy. From cute room decor to endearing animal prints, there was an art for sale catering to every possible theme.

It was delightful watching the excitement in kids' eyes as they eagerly explored our stall, pointing out their favorite characters and scenes depicted in our wall art prints.

If you missed me at Hee Market, don't worry! You can still browse my collection of posters and prints online and find the perfect piece to add to your wall decor.

Thank you

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